Our History:
||=|WOLF|=|| Was created in 2013 and was previously called HOST, this clan quickly fell apart due to lack or rules, management and the commitment/ support of it's members, I was the last who left the clan but because i didn't want to see it fade away i have decided to bring the clan here under a new name and new rules.

Clan Ranks
General - Overlooks the whole clan and makes most of the important Denison on the clans future (1 General)
Colonel -  Is in charge of recruiting members into the clan (2 Colonel)
Major -  Helps the community and helps in organizing clan battles etc. ( 3 Major)
Captain - Trains the new members and chooses who will be in the squad to help in clan battles ( 4 Captain)
Lieutenant - New blood who joined the clan and doesn't have any assigned roles  

Note: If you do get to be in any other these ranks then you can still be kicked out or demoted and then someone else will take your place the numbers next to each rank show how many spots are available

Games we play:
Modern FPS
-Combat Company
-Urban Terror

The Wolf pack Rules:
1) Do not disrespect any members within or outside the clan
2)Do not join if you have been previously caught as a hacker
3)If you are caught in multiple clans the you will be immediately kicked
4)Respect each other and support them
5)Do not show and racism or discrimination  
6)Do not abuse your ranks or roles

How to join:
If you would like to apply please follow the form as follows:

Game: (As in the game your play)
Favorite Gun:
Best Map:
Clan History (If none please leave blank):
Country/Time zone:
Why you want to join:
What Clan Rank and why (If you leave this blank you will be a Lieutenant):

Note: If you caught not being inactive for a long time then you will be kicked out
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